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The words we say can determine, not only our emotional state but also how we are treated by others and who we attract into our lives. “Oh, I’m Okay, I guess.” Sounds weak and almost sad. People especially successful people, are not particularly interested in hanging out with weak and sad people. It’s draining. If you are constantly complaining and displaying that you are not grateful for who you are and what you have right now, you are emotional poison to others. Nothing drains you faster than gossip, jealousy, complaining, and being down and out. Positive people want to network with strong and happy people who have high self-worth and preferably high net worth. They want inspiration. They want encouragement. They want to live in abundance. If you change your negative talk to something dramatically positive and desirable, you open the door to better relationships and greater joy. When you say, “I’m feeling on top of the world,”, you are more likely to attract positive people into your life. You also FEEL better. Saying this immediately triggers your brain to propel you into an emotional state of strength. This, in turn, attracts others to you that are strong. Success breeds success. People want to be uplifted. If God is your strength, then speak as though you are strong. Get your words into success mode and your vision will more easily manifest. If you have a vision, you need to also have “the verbal.” Start living the life you envision by speaking the language of success, inspiration and prosperity. You will soon see that the feeling of joy will follow when you speak it into existence.
“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

-Maya Angelou.

If you don’t know your self-worth, you are not able to communicate to others what you deserve. You may indeed not know what you deserve. However, once you discover your worth, you then know and understand what you deserve. Some people may not be accustom to your new found confidence. They may resist it and hate you for it. You may have to leave them behind and find new people that understand your greatness. You will then attract other great people to you. You will find others that believe in you and support you. You will find others that you can help also. Be ok with letting go of the toxic relationships. Letting go will open the door for all that is new and all those that understand your worth. Abundance is waiting for you.
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Define yourself and live out your dream.

Decide what you want to be and how you want to do it. Often times the hardest thing to do is to simply make a decision. Once you decide what you will be, there begins your journey to the rest of your life. Define yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can not be. You must define your self and live out your greatness.


Those people will always say You are Wrong. @angieandthecool

Expect Criticism

At some point you just have to set your standard and go with what you want regardless of how many people say you are wrong. You will never please every one. Someone is always going to say you are wrong. I’ve come across 3 types of common critical persons. 1. Some think that money is their measure of success. They are extremely into money. If you are not making money they think that you are wrong and unsuccessful. That is a standard that they have set for themselves and criticize others for not wanting the same.

2. Some people focus on doing for others and helping the needy.  That’s their measure of success.  That’s their standard of living. If they spend time in a homeless shelter volunteering, they feel successful. If they spend time helping the elderly, they feel successful. They’ve set that as a standard for themselves. If they spend the rest of their lives teaching children to learn, they will be fulfilled.

3. Many people are into notoriety, fame, and prestige.  They feel it is necessary to be famous. But some run away from fame. They hate it.  Instead they look  for anonymity and freedom from responsibility. What’s funny about this  is that some people have set a standard and set specific boundaries and exceptions. For instance, there are many people who are famous online, but anonymous in their neighborhood and home town. There is this level of freedom that they enjoy.

You have to set your own standards and acknowledge what is important to you. Assess yourself. What do you really want. Ignore the negative chatter of others who say you are wrong. They are saying that because they have defined what is important to them and they have set a standard for themselves.  There are many people in your life and each of them have their own view. You just can’t please everyone. So no matter what you set as a standard for yourself, someone is going to tell you that you are wrong. Therefore, expect criticism.

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Self Discipline

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

-Maya Angelou.

100 Friends.

Often we let our minds wonder about what could be. At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy and healthy. For me, happiness is laughing, dancing and living gratefully. Happiness is feeling safe and healthy around those who inspire us.  It’s living out your passion. For me, that means continuing to share music with as many people as possible. Thank all of you for your support.  Follow me on my journey, as I share 100 songs with 100 friends, fans, and family.